Slavonice company Stavební Huť has been making a part of the underground accessible to public since 1998. It is possible to choose from 2 sight-seeing tours of different levels of difficulty.

July to Augustdaily from 9:30 till 17:00
June and Septemberonly for groups after previous booking provided by:
Stavební huť Slavonice company
Nádražní street no. 289
378 81 Slavonice

mobile phone: 775 906 330
e-mail: podzemi [zavinac] shslavonice [tecka] cz

The access to the first tour route is in the house no. 480 on the Lower square via a connecting corridor to the main drift. This central drift leads from under a mansion called Panský dům and drains the ground water from the underground in the northern part of the square. It also drains the southern part of the square by cross adit located in the neighbourhood of the fountain. The first widened place on the tour is in the underground of the house no. 481. The second one is in front of the house no. 460 on the opposite side of the square, where the exit of sight-seeing tours is located in the hall of this house. The route is 130 meters long, the average height of corridors is 1,5 m while the width is 40 – 60 cm. The route takes approximately 20 minutes including 3 stops with a tour guide. The course path is lit.

The entry to the second route is also in the house no. 480. The route then continues upwards through the main drift, passing the underground of houses no. 479 and 478 and continuing further through the underground under the parsonage and museum up to the Panský dům. The tour then joins the first route and exits in a hall of the house no. 460. This route is approximately 300 m long, the average height of corridors is 1,5 m while the width is 40 – 60 cm. The route takes approximately 50 – 60 min, including seven stops with a tour guide. This route path is not lit. However, it is necessary to mention that the second route is very strenuous and it is therefore very important to consider one’s abilities.

Slavonice Underground

Original stone walling of the mining sections, water pits and cuttings for placing the lighting units can be seen on both routes. The brickwork is new, and it is related to the sanitation, which was carried out simultaneously with the cleaning and mapping of the underground. The passage branches, which can be seen on both routes, are secured with grating or end in inaccessible underground vaults.

Slavonice’s underground could be ranked among the smallest in the Czech Republic as far as the size of passage profiles is concerned. However, this does not mean that the sight seeing routes are intended only for slim visitors. In fact, the record of the biggest man crawling within the walls of the underground dates back to year 2001 and it is held by a man who is 215 cm tall and weights 130 kg.

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